Skirty Marm

Skirty Marm (Laura Sadler) , along with Old Noshie, is one of the main characters of the CBBC television series, Belfry Witches. She fancies herself as the brains of the double act. She is not, however, as clever as she thinks. Her brilliant ideas usually lead her and Old Noshie into loads of trouble!

Skirty’s favourite food are spiders but she also eats bats and worms from time to time. It is hard to miss Skirty Marm as she has a great talent for grabbing the spotlight. Despite being a witch she tries to be good and secretly admires the way that humans act. She spends loads of time trying to explain humans to Noshie but her explanations are normally wrong. Skirty is incredibly vain and worryingly impulsive but she is also intensely loyal to her friends.