Old Noshie

Old Noshie (Lucy Davis) , along with Skirty Marm, is one of the main characters of the CBBC television series, Belfry Witches. She is nearly 200 years old, but this is young for witches on Witch Island - where she is regarded as a big kid.

Old Noshie loves to eat newts and bugs. She is rather gormless and is usually happy to be led by her brighter friend. She has moments of independence, however, and often gets annoyed with Noshie when she isn't treated as equal. She also has a broomstick that never does what it is told and she isn’t pleased that she got a cheap broomstick and Skirty Marm got the one made of the finest twigs. Beneath her ragged exterior, she has a kind heart and a very well concealed sentimental streak. She loves a joke- especially if it is a bit vulgar!