Mrs Violet Bagg-Meanly is the cousin of Harold Snelling and she acts as the housekeeper. She is an extremely fat bully with size 11 feet. She has thin grey hair squeezed into a bun, and has a red face like a warty bad-tempered toad. She has bristly grey hairs around her mouth which she often forgets to shave.

She lives with Mr Snelling and Ben Babbercorn and she sleeps in the best room in the house. She sits on the front pew during church services and fines anyone who dares to make any noise. She also steals the collection money. Everybody is scared of her as they think she ate her husband who has disappeared. She is really greedy and spends all Mr Snelling’s money on herself and eats all his food. She is a terrible cook and she loves cabbage pie - yuck!